My Community

My community is in New England. We have many antique stores and great schools. Our community is pretty ordinary but it many lakes. English is fine you don’t need to know any other languages. The best time to visit is in the summer when its warm. No special clothing is needed.

Tags and Categories

Tags and categories are very important. Categories are like the chapters in a blog. Chapters are needed to help you find what you need. While tags are the index and help find the details in your blog. Users are asked to use tags when writing a post. You should use tags and categories when your online because it will help you get back to that site and the things on it. I decided on these categories for my blog because they are the categories on my blog. Blog challenges, the best of my post, assigned post, and post about items.

Spanish Post

Try this with a friend:


Buenos dias.

dComs te llamas?

Me llamo_______.dy tu

Me llamo ________. Mucho gusto.

Igualmente. dcomo estas/.

Muy mien, gracias. dy tu


Bueno tengo que irem.

yo tambien. Adios


Digital Footprint

I don’t know much about my digital footprint but I do know it could be smaller. It started before I was born. I played a computer game that required some things, I have an email address, and other than that I don’t know for sure. When I goggled myself I got a local news paper. I can’t remember much about any info I gave out but I do know I didn’t give out more than I have to. I guess we can never know how much is out there about us. If the world was a safe place we could make a difference in how much there really is.


My avatar is a green wii character that was made to partially resemble me. He is wearing a green hat, blue glasses and has big eyes. He is very simple and doesn’t look very special, he is just a mii from the wii. He he he that rhymed. A very funnie avatar would be a Smurf.